Our company is located in the centre of Koga city, southern Shiga Prefecture, the Yasu River flows to the east and west in the middle of the town, and the mountain including the steam mountains are in the south

Mizuguchi Castle and Shiroyama, which is also known as a "Mizuguchi inn" of the Tokaido fifty-three inn, is a natural rich breathtaking town. Please do not hesitate to drop in when you come near us.

Arte House Co., Ltd.
Address 13-1 Nasaka, Minakuchi, Koka 528-0035 Shiga Prefecture
TEL 0748-62-0566
FAX 0748-63-2339
Opening Hours 9:00 - 18:00
Closed Wednesday
Established May 2002
Managing Director Hiromoto Okiguchi (Registered name)
Governor of Shiga Prefecture Registration No. 8587
Governor of Shiga Prefecture Registration No. No. -2190 (Ltd.) Arte House
Governor of Shiga Prefecture (5) The 2416 Gogyo
House, Store design, Design, Garden design and Construction
Garage design and development, Interior design and Painting production
Building work, General Construction, Carpenter work, Concrete work, Roofing work, Waterproofing work, Paintwork and Tile & Brick Construction
Interior and finishing work, Plastering, Glass Construction, Landscaping outside, the structure Construction, Renovation and seismic reinforcement work
Facilities Construction, Plumbing, Air Conditioning equipment, Air Conditioning and Heating facilities Construction, Water sanitation facilities Construction, Electrical work, Others (Well sinking, Well drilling Construction)
10-years home warranty
Six guarantees after moving in (fire, damage, building completion, ground survey, JIO, white ants)
Arte House's Privacy Policy
  • Arte House Co., Ltd. uses personal information of customers who keeps concerning questionnaires and contracts for the following purposes.
  • To prevent the leakage, diversion, loss, etc. of used personal information, we strive for management and protection, and we will not use your personal data for any purpose other than the following purposes.
  • Arte House Co., Ltd. provides products and services to customers, understand the purpose to use within the scope necessary to propose and complete.
Questionnaire’s entries
  • Personal information by questionnaire at the time of visit is used for safety to the owner who borrows an important building and for confirmation of visitors.
  • •We will use it as primary information of customers who decided to advance home making at Arte House Co., Ltd., as a contact for service provided by Arte House Co., Ltd., and other communication information.
  • Use it as a statistic to create more attractive homes and hospitality and services for consumers.
  • DM, newsletter, etc., to provide adequate information to start full service starting from house making.
Documents related to design and construction
  • To make houses, use Arte House Co., Ltd. and customers to realise the contents of the meetings to realise the building layout, construction.
  • It is used for presenting information to the building realisation, cooperators, each applicant organisation.
Contact Us
  • To eliminate the anxiety of making your home. We will represent the customers of sensibility that was dreaming of asking the future of the plan. Please feel free to contact us.